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Medical production. Health care industry.
SPS – Smart Polyphenol Manufacturing Supervisor

The primary aim of this project in which Poli4Life participated together with company IDEA 75 S.r.l. is the experimentation of SPS – Smart Polyphenol Manufacturing Supervisor on a polyphenolic extraction plant. SPS is a combination CPS and IoT technologies in order to reach zero-defect manufacturing and energy efficiency. It consists of an advanced system for the product quality prediction and assessment that monitors the manufacturing process, detects quality drifts and defects, and reacts with automatic adjustment on machinery setups and providing decision support to human operator on line. SPS will be integrated, calibrated and evaluated by Idea75 and Poli4Life on a specific production line of polyphenolic extract. The polyphenolic concentration is severely affected by raw materials (type and quality) and environmental variables throughout the transformation process. Moreover, the production line can be re-arranged according to the requirements of the final product, e.g. a sub-process can be bypassed or machineries can be activated depending on integration of specific additives. SPS is an advanced CPS solution with extended IoT capabilities added by innovative algorithms to reach two competitive goals: keep the polyphenolic concentration of the final product always within strict boundaries (zero-defected manufacturing) with minimum energy consumptions (energy efficiency).

Supporto Finanziario Ricevuto: 64.922,51 €

Inizio Progetto: 01/05/2017

Fine Progetto: 31/07/2018

Tipo di Bando: HORIZON 2020 – FOF 2014-2015 – EUROPEAN COMMISSION


Politecnico di Milano (Coordinator)
Idea 75 Srl (Third Party)
Poli4life S.r.l. (Third Party)


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